Coconut Fatty Acid Monoethanol Amide

Coconut Fatty Acid Monoethanol Amideis foam booster and viscosity enhancer even at low concentrations of electrolytes. This product has also softening properties.

Features and Advantages:

Its particular features are mentioned as:

  • Not having the odor of methyl ester
  • The absence of methanol
  • The absence of Nitrosamine
  • Causing more softening , foam, viscosity in comparison to other alkanolamides


  • Shampoos
  • Bath cleansers
  • Hand-washing liquid
  • Liquid detergents
  • Hair dye and…

Product specification

Appearance (25 °C)

Yellowish white solid

Active matter (MW=260) %

84% Min

Free amine (MW=61) %

3% Max

pH ( 1% in water)


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