Ethoxylated Laureth (C12C14) Alcohol (7EO)

Lauryl alcohol 7-mole ethoxylated is a non-ionic surfactant which is obtained by the addition of ethylene oxide gas to linear fatty alcohols containing 12 to 15 atoms of carbon.

Features and Advantages:

  • High cleaning power
  • Distributer
  • Minimum foam
  • Emulsifier agent
  • Good moisturizer
  • Surfactant


  • In detergent industry:
  • Different grades of ethoxylated lauryl alcohol is used as a base raw material for the production of shampoos, skin cleaners, bath gels, and baby products.
  • In cosmetics industry: It is used as a base raw material for the production of shampoos and skin cleaners.
  • In textile industry: It is used as a primary wool cleaner, lubricant, and dryer.
  • In paper industry: Used as a moisturizing and absorbent agent.
  • In rubber industry: Used as a stabilizing agent.
  • In agricultural industry: Commonly used as an emulsifier in the formulation of agricultural pesticides, concentrated and self-emulsifying solutions, and Concentrated suspensions.
  • In leather industry: Widely used as a fat remover, also used in leather tanning.
  • In paint industry: Utilized as a moisturizing agent, emulsifier and uniform distributer of paint on surfaces

Product specification


Transparent/Colorless or cloudy liquid

Cloudy point (oC)




Color (APHA)

Max 50

Molecular mass (g / mol)


Hydroxyl number (mgKOH / g)





Max 0.5

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