Sodium Silicate /Sodium Carbonate 200/400

A mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium silicate is widely used as a builder or the main component creator in laundry detergents and ceramic/tile industry.

Features and Advantages:

  • Preventing the deposition of different substances on clothes
  • Reducing the product density
  • Reducing water consumption in the ceramic and tile industry
  • Lubricant and rheological property enhancer in the ceramic and tile industry
  • An economically good alternative to triphosphate, zeolite, and EDTA
  • Developing fine alkalinity
  • Increasing solubility
  • Buffering the washing environment
  • Reducing water hardness
  • Anti-corrosion


  • Suitable for washing machine/hand powder formulation
  • Suitable for dishwashing powder formulation
  • Suitable for carwash powder formulation
  • Ceramic and tile industry

Product specification


White powder

Sodium silicate

55-58 %

Sodium carbonate

40-43 %


Max. 4




Min 85%

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