Concentrated Handwashing Liquid 15%

Washing liquid concentrate is a combination of anionic, amphoteric, nonionic surfactants, and skin softeners that has an advanced formulation. It cleans the hands effectively and protects the skin from dryness after washing.

Features and Advantages:

  • Time saver: One can make its favorite hand wash liquid with the desired color and essential oil in less than 30 minutes.
  • Raw material saver: This product enables you to make hand wash liquid using only water and salt without any raw materials.
  • Energy saver: It makes the highest quality hand wash liquid with the least effort and energy.
  • Increased profitability and productivity: Buy one kilogram of hand wash concentrate, make 3 kilograms of hand wash liquid.

Only by adding your favorite color and essential oil, you can prepare your desired hand wash liquid.


In order to prepare bath liquids from its concentrate, one shall mix it with water in the desired amount (depending on the active anion and the expected viscosity) and increase the concentration of it with a suitable electrolyte (sodium chloride salt) and finally add the essential oil and desired color to prepare hand wash liquid.

Product specification

Appearance at 25 °C

Viscous pearl color liquid

Active substance


Molecular mass

385 (g / mol)

pH (10% solution)


Dry residual substance


Viscosity (C.P)


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