EDTA.4Na (Ethylene Tiamine Tetra Acetic Acid)

EDTA or Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid is a frequently used in materials which can be found in various industries, and mostly utilized as a chelating agent. This compound is used in many research processes to purify and separate the solutions.

Features and Advantages:

  • White Powder
  • Chelating agent
  • Water soluble
  • pH modifier


  • It is used as the stabilizer agent in cosmetics products.
  • It is used in the textile industry to capture ions, and increase the purity of sintered colors, and to prevent color alteration.
  • EDTA.4Na has a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in the drugs prescribed for Lead and Mercury poisoning.
  • This material is used in eye drops as the preservative agent.
  • EDTA.4Na acts similar to anti-oxidants, preventing cancer cell formation, and body damage from free radicals.

Product specification


White powder

Purity %

Min 99.0

Chloride (Cl) %

Max 0.01

Sulfate (SO4) %

Max 0.05

Iron (ppm)

Max 0.001



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