Ethoxylated Laureth (C12C14) Alcohol (2EO)

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate (2EO) is a non-ionic surfactant which is obtained by adding ethylene oxide gas to lauryl alcohol extracted from coconut oil.

Features and Advantages:

  • Emulsifier and Dispersing Agent agent
  • Viscous agent in shampoos and body gels
  • Compatible with cationic, anionic, and non-ionic surfactants


  • Detergent industry: It is used as the raw material in the production of shampoos and body/face gels
  • Cosmetics: It is used in the production of sunscreens, hair dye, and hair bleach
  • Paint industry: Used as emulsifier, moisturizer, and Dispersing Agent for paint
  • Paper industry: Used as moisturizer and absorber agent

Product specification

Appearance at 25° C

Transparent/cloudy liquid

Cloud point° C


pH (5%)


Density (Kg/L) (50° C)


Moisture %

0.1 (Max)

Hydroxyl No. (mg KOH/g)




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