Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 95%

Sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium dodecyl sulfate) is an anionic surfactant that dissolves easily in water and its common forms are string and powder.

Features and Advantages:

  • Emulsifierg
  • Foam improver
  • Compatibility with anionic, amphoteric and nonionic surfactants
  • Washingg
  • Cleaning power


  • Construction industry: As a concrete additive, coating agent, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: As a stimulant in the soluble dose.
  • Rubber industry: developing emulsifiers in rubber synthesis process
  • Cosmetics: Used in creams and lotions such as hand creams, anti-itch creams, masks, hair creams and sunscreens
  • Food industry: As an additive and often an emulsifier or thickener in products such as marshmallows, egg powder, Nescafe powders and…
  • Other industries: This compound is used in any process requiring the removal of grease and oil stains.

For example: This product can be used in engine cleaners, surface cleaners, shampoos and car washes in high concentrations.
Recent research also shows that this surfactant can increase the rate of process by about 700 times in hydrating gas or forming hydrated methane.

Product specification


White powder or string

Molecular mass

Min 94

Active substance%


Colors (APHA)

Max 25

Free oil %

Max 1.5

pH (3%W/W)


Moisture %

Max 4.5

Density (g/L)


Sodium chloride %

Max 0.1

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